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Land & Forest

We work with carrying out assignments for agricultural and forestry companies or contractors for underdrain and surveying services. As equipment for this, we have GNSS-RTK precision GPS and drones with multispectral sensor. This allows us to weigh heights before drainage or measure boundaries and take pictures of crops and forests at different stages and for different analyzes. For image processing, we collaborate with Solvi AB ( www.solvi.ag ).

Drone services

  • Altitude measurement
  • Plan count
  • Digitization weeds
  • Field photography
  • Thermographic photography
  • Bark borer analysis
  • Game damage calculations

The latest addition is a DJI Matrix 210 with two sensors. There is room for two cameras on the drone and on one mount is a MicaSense Altum with six different sensors (R, G, B, RedEdge, NIR and IR). On the other mount is an RGB camera DJI Xenmuse X5S.

Altitude measurement

Precision measurement with GNSS before drainage or height measurement using drones can be performed.

Plan count

With the help of drone images and finishing, individual plants of agricultural, garden crops or forest plants can be identified and counted.

Digitization weeds

With high-resolution drone images, weeds can be measured in and the size and distribution can be calculated.

Field photography

Sometimes it may just be necessary to photograph from above in a crop to get a completely new picture of how it is in the field. Of course, we are also happy to make documentation of the different state of crops, but also beautiful pictures of your farm.

Thermographic photography

With our multispectral sensor we can also do heat reading in the field. Something that can be strongly linked to the moisture content in soil. Can be used to identify field variations in irrigation needs.

Bark borer analysis

In collaboration with Arboair ( www.arboair.com ), we can do a run with drones and then analyze bark drill damage in your forest.

Game damage calculations

Game damage can in some cases be significant in various agricultural crops. Here we see an example of moose damage in potato cultivation. We can photograph the damage with high resolution and calculate the extent of the damage.

Cover ditching

  • Design
  • Photography older drains
  • Documentation after drainage

We make complete designs for drainage of agricultural land. This involves balancing in the field, dimensioning and drawing a map as well as quantity calculations. We can supply control files for the machine’s GPS control to cover ditch contractors.

Photography older drains

Sometimes a good photo may be needed at the right time and see how old drainage looks in the field. Then we set it up in our GIS system and draw in both old and new drainage.

Documentation after drainage

We take care of the contractor’s log files from the drainage and draw a nice map. Can also be done with the help of drone photo.

Precision cultivation

  • NIR analysis
  • Control files
  • Analysis of harvest maps
Analysis of harvest maps

We also help to transform digital information into, for example, harvest maps for different crops. Here you see a map made after harvesting potatoes.

Control files

In the next step, we can, with the help of Solvis’ platform, create control files that allow you to precisely fertilize your field.

NIR analysis

Our multispectral sensor on the drone can read Red Edge, Near Infrared Light (NIR) and Heat (IR) in addition to RGB. This means that you can get an analysis of how well photosynthesis works in the plants, which in turn can be controlled with nitrogen fertilization or other measures. An NIR analysis can be done before nitrogen fertilization in a cereal crop or on, for example, grassland during the autumn after harvest to find out what the field’s basic capacity looks like.