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Torpedalen in deep Dalsland

Torpedalen is an originally old croft located in deep Dalsland about 15 km north of Bengtsfors.

The water next door is Lake Östra Silen, which is connected to Dalsland’s canal. The cottage is located on its own plot with a view of the lake to the south and the forest to the north. The nearest neighbor is about 1 km from the house. Own bathing cap with rocks is located 200 m north of the house. Public bathing area with sandy beach within 600 m.

The house is an old log house that has been renovated in stages. Most recently in 2006, the house was added to the length and got a hall with WC, shower and a small sauna for 3 people. The area is about 65 m2.
The kitchen is renovated with electric stove and kitchen fan. New fridge and freezer. The old wood stove is also left.
Next to the kitchen is the large room with dining area for 6 people and windows to the south overlooking the lake.

  • At the top there is a sleeping loft with 5 beds.
  • In the house next to the kitchen there is a bed.
  • The water is very clear and of drinking water quality.

The view from the bedroom window down to the lake.

Boat with oars is included in the rent. If you want to make an excursion on the lake, you can rent a smaller outboard motor. Fishing licenses can be purchased nearby.